S1 Pro - The New Aesthetic Laser for Facelift and Beyond

The S1 Pro is an advanced workstation for minimally invasive anti-aging treatments, such as facelifts and eyebags removal. With its elegant metal body, ultra-fast cooling system and highly integrated modular design, it delivers up to 12W of stable continuous laser power for optimal results,as well as significantly reduces downtime - with natural, painless and long-lasting results.

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Surgeon-friendly Design

Equipped with the ultra-fast response touch screen,it allows surgeons to select very efficiently,intuitively and effortlessly with a wide field of vision.

1470nm Wavelength

The absorption peak at 1470 nm allows for excellent ablation, coagulation and accurate cutting of soft tissue. Due to this unique tissue absorption, surgery can be performed at a lower energy dose, resulting in less thermal damage and better healing.

Optimized Success

Patented heat dissipation technology ensures accurate, uniform and safe reproduction of energy delivery results.

One-click Update

Just one click-get the latest clinical skills and the latest clinical protocols, as well as fast upgrade services.


Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery

Operating the laser in coagulation, ablation, cutting, or collagen regenerating mode, the minimally invasive techniques of laser coagulating, ablating, cutting, and collagen regenerating can be realized. The laser coagulates the blood vessels in every single treatment in an instant manner, which ensures all treatments are operated in a bloodless manner. In the foregoing operating modes, we can get outstanding clinical results of eye bags removal, face contouring, wrinkles reduction.

ENT Multi-Platform Precision Microsurgery

Laser energy for ENT surgery can be used to vaporize, ablate and cut soft tissue while providing lateral thermal injury capable of coagulating blood vessels. Use in conjunction with the micro endoscope whether rigid or flexible, all options are available for safe and effective energy delivery. The M2 1470nm driven by the different absorption in soft tissue with the flexible ENT handpiece to finish the strong and deep coagulation to achieve the precision microsurgery.

PLDD Minimally Invasive Laser Treatment for Back Pain

The treatment principle of Percutaneous laser disc decompression (PLDD) is based on the concept of the intervertebral disk is a closed hydraulic system for achieving decompression and neuromodulation thereby relieving the pain. The PLDD sets are compatible with the M2 1470nm. Each physician could choose the preferred tissue interaction system.

Endovenous Laser Therapy

EVLA allows minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins through a small puncture to get quicker healing and better outcome, without need for vein stripping and surgery. The higher water absorption M2 1470nm with radial formed the ideal combination for Endovenous thermal ablation. This radial fiber provides 360 circular emission directly into the vessel wall bringing the optimal treatment, guided by the Vein Viewer, the procedure will secure the precise surgery delivery.


Laser Wavelength


Max Power

Best balanced configuration

Aiming Beam

Red 650nm <2mW

Fiber Connection

International standard SMA905 connector

Operating Modes

CW/Pulse/Single Pulse

Power Supply

18VDC 5A




Aluminum-magnesium alloy case